Project structure and build system

Hi there,
I’m a bit overwhelmed by the abundance of build/project management/dependencies management tools in js, Gulp, Grunt, Bower, Yarn, Webpack, Rollup, npm…
Is there a a project structure + tools that is widely accepted or that you’d suggest? I’m also talking about the directory structure you’d expect to find when you clone a repo.
Disclaimer, I come from Java where the majority of projects use Maven and they all have pretty much the same structure

To be honest I am right there with you. Personally, I start including build tools, bundlers, etc when and only when I start to need them.

Having said that, I like the MDN Web Dev resources, especially the one where they walk you through the application creation from dev environment setup to production:

You can even scroll down to “Directory Structure” for an example how to set it up! Hope this helps.

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These options are overwhelming to everyone. It’s why tools like create-react-app, angular-cli, and yeoman exist. There is no single, standard structure, but you’ll get a sense of what people are expecting as you work with other projects.

:+1: solid advice

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Ok, thanks, glad to know I’m not the only one :slight_smile:
I guess I’ll start digging into MDN, it was my next step anyway… thanks for the suggestions and links :+1: