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I have been trying to submit my responsive design project using codepen however, I have assets from external resources and I have created some on my own like edited images. I can’t link all my resources to my project and therefore wanted to try using the alternative CDN link. I am just not sure how to go about it though. Can anyone please give me specific instruction on how I can go about using the CDN. I might as well also note that I have hosted some of these project on github pages if that can be relevant.

You mean that you finished a project and you can’t send it to FCC ?

Yeah, I don’t know how to use the CDN link for submission.

Uploading: image.png(1)…


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I dont have another ideea… Idk how to explane u…
Copy+paste… :hugs:

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LoL thanks alot Stefan. Much appreciated. see that just above the submit input section …? how do you use that? since only the pro version of codepen allows you to upload external resources for your project. Do I just link in the meta tags or scrip src ? Thats what I am confused about.

lol I am also a visual learner and communicator

<script src=""></script>


Hello Camper!

For now, the test suite only works in Chrome! Please read the README below in the JS Editor before beginning. Feel free to delete this message once you have read it. Good luck and Happy Coding! 

- The freeCodeCamp Team 


That one?.. That is the tester…
You can delete the

<!-- -->

and all things between them.

@t.smngoma56, the CDN link is not for submitting your project. It is the test suite to ensure that you have met all the user stories for each of the projects.
If you’re not using codepen you can paste it into your code right before the closing body tag. Here is what you need to copy/paste
<script src=""></script>

As you’ve see you cannot add the external resources to codepen. What you can do is search. There are quite a few places where you can host your images for free and call them into your code.
If you’re familiar with GitHub you can host your images there.

Hope that helps.

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much better idea thanks a lot Stefan

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