Project "Survey Form" finished! | Feedbacks are welcomed

Hello guys!

Please find below my second project, the Survey Form. As always, any constructive feedback and tips will be highly appreciated.

*The web background is stored in Heroku, then if it gets grey at the beginning it is because the service is starting up, please wait for some seconds until the video appears :nerd_face:

See the Pen FCC | Project 02 | Survey Form by Renzo.

Best regards!


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Looks good! Few suggestions.

  • I would move labels name, email and age closer to the input boxes by giving them text-align: right;
  • The video looks cool but is distracting because its play time is short and repeats itself constantly in that time period. I would find an alternative video that lasts longer or just a picture.

Cheers :tada:

Thanks again Phillip!

I’ve just applied the suggested changes and it looks better :sunglasses:.



Nice work. I like the transparency.