Project: Survey Form

I completed my survey page.

I enjoyed creating the container, rounding the edges, giving a very subtle shadow for a feeling of depth. It gave me great practice using grid to position everything.

It passes all the tests. Congrats!

I would fix the layout on phones and I would call it a day :slight_smile:

I worked on the mobile layout… it works much better now, but I definitely will need to practice that more going forward. :slight_smile:

It passes the tests, and looks quite nice in the process.
I would, however, add a bit of colour, as the whole thing is a bit… grey.

Heh yes it is. That might be a preferential quirk, as I tend to prefer dark theme and minimalist.

I don’t have great instincts for color; do you have any suggestions on what sort of thing would be good to bring color in (preferably in a subtle way)?

I’d set the background color (what you currently have as a light grey) to a light, low saturation color like hsl(199, 48%, 77%).
You could do a similar thing with the background color of the main-div, say making it a dark, low saturation color like hsl(213, 33%, 20%)

Here’s how that looks:

If you wanted to be bold, you could through in a few high-saturation areas, but make those small, as to not overwhelm the viewer.
Hope that helps!