Project:survey form

hi guys im trying to put a title above my input for name just as shown in the example given how do i put the title above the input the title obviously being name while the input is a box to enter your name. thanks

Please could you clarify what you are trying to do.
When you say title do you mean “MR, MRS …” or do you mean the text that tells the user what the box is for. Also are you interested in how to position that “title”?

sorry for that ,yes when i say title i mean for for the input is for and yes again how can i position the “title”

this is what ive done do far please excuse the content as im still trying to familiarise myself with the content

Okay it’s looking good so far. Once you add some input types and a submit button you nearly done.

If you need a refresh of how to use the type selector have a read through this.

thanks ,i am still abit confused with regards to shifting the title i managed in this case to get it above using the < br > element but what if i wanted it ontop of the input and at the same time manipulate how far left or right i want the title for the input to be .

In which case you are going to have to spend some time with the CSS at the moment you have everything centred. If you would like to position the labels more specifically you are going to need to think about CSS positioning. If you remove your div text align property you will see you will get your desired result. Then you can just preposition the whole form to where you would want it on the page.