Project: Technical Documentation page ~

Hello coders,

I just done my FCC : Technical Documentation project,

Kindly give me advises / feedback, so I can improve my coding skills .

Thank you very much.

Looking good, hchen!

A few things I would recommend:

  • Your page isn’t responsive. Try resizing the window and you see your links shrink down to the left side. Try using media queries to re position them up top on smaller screens
  • Your links only work if you click the text. Try finding a way to clicking anywhere in the area of that link will also work.
  • Create a divider line between the left and ride side of the page to distinguish the index from the information

Great work and keep it up!

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I just had some updates , could help me to check once again ?
Thank you so much

Good job. I forked it for fun, and I’ll probably go to town with it, so, check it out here for inspiration:

  • Not that it makes a huge difference, but you forgot to close your <h1> tag in the <header>. Also, instead of using <br> in your <code> blocks, you can wrap your codeblock in a set of <pre> tags.
  • @JordanMarsh agreed. or, color the background of the sidebar differently. That would also introduce some more color into it, which would be nice.
  • The title should probably link to the top.

Thanks for sharing your knowledge , I don;t know there’s a pre tags

Hi, I’m working on the same project and I just notice that the script that checks the project requirements is for the Product Landing Page test and not for the Technical Documentation test. I was not passing the test several times until i notice that the script was wrong. Can you confirm this too?

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mine is pass with the correct title.

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THanks for the reply. I found the problem.