Project test doesn't pass on mobile when address bar is visible

I’m having a problem with Personal Portfolio Project. The issue is with the “The height of the welcome section should be equal to the height of the viewport”. When I am running the tests on mobile with the address bar visible it doesn’t pass this test, but once I scroll down a bit the website and the address bar disappears it passes all the tests including this one.
Is my project really ok to submit?
Link of the project: Emanoel Personal Portfolio

Are you using an iPhone and Safari? If so it probably has to do with the way Apple calculates viewport height in Safari. If you google “safari viewport bug” you will get tons of links describing the problem and offering workarounds.

I think so. This is a well-known issue with mobile safari and I don’t think you are expected to implement a work around for it.

Actually this is happening on mobile Chrome. When I go to the project example given the tests pass perfectly fine it doesn’t matter if the address bar is visible or not, whereas mine doesn’t.

I’m guessing that might have something to do with the fact that the FCC example is in codepen. If you put your portfolio into codepen then you would probably pass as well. And since the overwhelming majority of people use codepen for this project I’m assuming this issue doesn’t come up much.

It looks like there are ways to work around this issue if you are really determined. Personally, I don’t think FCC expects you to solve this in order to claim the certificate. I think this is just a “bug” in the testing and most people never run into it. But I could be wrong. Perhaps someone with experience here will chime in?

I uploaded to codepen and it passed the tests there, I concluded that this is some sort of bug related to the viewport and the test on mobile devices. But anyways, thank you for the help, I have already submitted my project. I mean, most people won’t even stumble across this problem because testing on Dev Tools considering a mobile device, it passes all the tests as expected. The issue happens only when I am using my phone to test it. So I suppose this is a little beyond the scope of the project.

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