Project problems

One of the test cases:

add_time(“11:43 PM”, “24:20”, “tueSday”)

Returns: 12:03 AM, Thursday (2 days later)

Shouldn’t it return 0:03 AM, Thursday (2 days later) instead?

I’m stuck on this one and can’t get my head around it. Can somebody help me, please? :sob:

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Kinda, but no. Basically, when the hour is 00, you have to put 12.
Reason is, that as a convention 0:03 AM is referred as 12:03 AM. It’s the same time, just using the 12. It propably stems from the fact when you refer to half an hour after noon, you’ll say “12:30 PM” and not “00:30 PM”.


Thanks a lot, Jagaya! The problem is solved.

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