Project to start on

How do I get started working on a project on here? Are there any projects anybody needs help with in python?

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same problem here I am trying start a project using python

@AliMohamed23 @Coder4000 : you can’t code with Python here, but if you don’t want to set up the local environment you can use

I don’t have a project in python. How can I start a project here?

Unfortunately, there is no Python track over FCC course, but for those who are searching about how to get started making things with Python, my suggestion is:

If you want to follow a web development track:

  • If you have a problem to solve or maybe some idea that could be great to become real, or simply get one idea from FCC projects, this will help a lot to get some directions to getting started.
  • Get familiar with a web development framework for Python, there is two famous: Flask and Django.
  • Start by something simple, eg: Create a simple API with Flask, and try to make it with Django, ready about both frameworks to figure out when to use one or another.
  • If you want to just jump straight to a web app, learn about MVP patterns (most common patter used by both frameworks) and study how to build them in your favorite framework (Flask, Django or other maybe?). You’ll probably need to learn about where to put Templates, where to implement business logic, how to deal with different routes and a bunch of things rellated.
  • With a simple search over medium or now at FCC news, you can find some useful guide showing how to create something with Python.
  • When you start to become more familiar with Python Web Stuff and the Language itself, a good option should be search some Open Source repository on Github and start to contribute, or create your own.

Of course there is a bunch of other stuff if your thing is Data Science, or if you just want to become proficient over Python, I could suggest something different but first, you need to find your path, I just assumed you guys wanted to know something about Web Development.

So, I think to start those are my tips for now. Wish this could help someone! Feel free to get in touch.