Project Tribute Page - Pelé

A simple tribute page. Colors I chose have to do with Brazilian flag. Used CSS and HTML. No other libraries. Thank you for any feedback.

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Looks very good. very good.

Good layout for desktop, but the quote section is broken for mobile.

Honestly I don’t like the gradient background color, I think it needs more color contrast between fg and bg colour.

I like the work for polygon quote container, good work. but it’s broken as some text goes after the edge. You may calibrate the size and the content of the quote section (especially in mobile view).

I would like add more space between each paragraphs in description/text sections.

The yellow diamond-like badge is so cool, but in desktop you place it at the right, I think placing a small badge and waste some space becasue of it is not a good idea. I think if you keep the badge at the bottom looks better.

You also used absolute units(pixel) in some css rules, while some have relative units. I recommend you go all relative.

So please try to have some fix about color contrast on fg and bg color.
Also fix the quote container content overflow.

Keep going on great work, happy programming

Thanks NULL_dev for your feedback. I took most of your feedback into consideration.

I think I fixed the quote and read more sections now. Thanks for pointing that out.

I wanted to keep the background color gradient because of the Brazil colors but I did mute them to make make the gradient more subtle. Hope it looks better.

I added more space between paragraphs and switched to relative units (except for a few places) I have also changed the layout to avoid wasted space. Hope it’s looking better now.

It looks really good now, awesome changes! well done. really happy to see you have progressive work! good.

The minor issue for now is the some space at the end of the page, I think it’s a little too much. It’s more in mobile view.

Keep going on great work! happy programming.

Also just another small issue I believe so easy for you to fix, just check

I think it should be responsive now and I think I removed the extra space too. Thank you!


YES! YES! :muscle::+1::sunglasses::sunglasses:

Now it looks really good! WELL DONE!

Keep going on great work, happy programming.