PROJECT: Tribute Page - Please Critique

Hi everyone,

I finished my tribute project recently. I finished pretty quickly in the initial run, but decided to really practice with jQuery and UX. So by failing forward, I spent way more time, but its all good, great learning experience.

If you are on desktop, the tribute page should be fixed and not scroll (except maybe the main text).
If you are on mobile, the page should scroll.

All the loading animations should work on desktop/mobile.
The hover animations that work on desktop, should activate on mobile if tapped on (these would be the header/main image/body text).

Here is the Code Pen below

To view on my website, without the code pen header/sandbox (as well as view it fully in full screen)

Any critique or feedback is much appreciated, feel free to reach out to me on FB, as I will see that much sooner.

Chris B.
FB: chrisbolor