Project web design certification issue

I was curious and decided to experiment.
So i created an empty link and inserted it to the solution section, and to my surprise, it passed me
please fix this issue or tell me what I’m doing wrong, i want to make sure, im doing this right

Before being able to claim your certificate you agree to the Academics honesty pledge, and it is an honour-system

Anyway, to know if your project passes you need to test it with the test suite given in the project description - if you don’t know how to set up the suite there is a ready-made pen you can fork

Hey, I tried to use the link to javascript, but i dont see any hamburger icon or any icon for me to run tests in? mind helping? thanks.

If you fork the pen provided in the project description with the tests you can build your project there (copy and paste your code there if you have already code) and you can test with that

Thank you very much! It worked, i forgot to ‘forked’ haha