Projects + C Language + UX & UI Design

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I just wanted to find out whether all the projects done on here are saved somewhere in order to use them as part of my portfolio?

Also, I was searching for a course on here regarding C and I couldn’t find it. May you kindly please direct me to any other free resource that offers it or if it’s available here and I did not find it?

May you also please direct me to a free resource I can study UI/UX Design?

Would really appreciate some advice in this regard :pray:t6: :pray:t6:

What specific projects are you talking about? The certification projects or the practice projects?

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I thought the practice projects lead up to certification projects? I stand to be corrected though.

But I think I’m referring to all projects I’ve done so far (both practice & certification).

Again, which specific projects are you talking about? Can you post a link to one or more of them?

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I think you are not understanding me.

All the practice projects I have done so far, including the certification projects as well.

I am currently working on one now.

I am asking if they get stored/saved somewhere to use for our personal portfolios to say that this is what I was able to build during my time with freeCode Camp.

You would not want to put the practice projects on a portfolio because they are not unique. Everyone who works on the practice projects ends up with the exact same result. Plus, you do not even need to write any code for the practice projects to get a certification. To achieve a certification, you must complete all the certification projects for a curriculum section. As far as gaining access to that certification projects’ code, you can just go to the certification project and copy/paste the code into your own files and host them somewhere publicly, so you can add a link to them from your portfolio.


That makes total sense. Cannot imagine the amount of work/energy it would take to come up with unique practice projects for each and all individuals that join this platform.

Thank you so much :pray:t6:

The freeCodeCamp curriculum does not include material on C, but there are several videos on their YouTube Channel. There may be additional tutorials on their publication page as well.