Projects from Job on Resume

Is there any reason I shouldn’t put a site done for a job (for instance: redid the company’s website) under Projects Completed section of my resume?

Sounds like a good idea. Unless it was 25 years ago!

Like, one month ago! ;D

If it was a website for a nefarious organisation I wouldn’t bother either :wink:
Why do you ask?
In any resume, surely you want to state your most recent work, paid or unpaid?

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I just include the technologies I worked with, as if I did the specific sites I’ve built it would take 7 pages. But, for the most part, if you have a project you’re proud of and shows your capabilities definitely add it!

As long as it’s something that you’re proud of. I’d just be sure to keep an eye on the website an make sure that it doesn’t go changing on you.