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Hi guys, can you please tell me how to find the select test suite box. After I start coding. The box disappears so I cant test my test as I do my project. Can you advise how i find the box after it has disappeared and how to keep it showing while i code.
Thanks, Leigh

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if you fork the provided pen, the only thing present is a script tag in the html box. If you have removed that, the test suite disappear

Thank you for that Magical girl. Im new to coding so im struggling a bit. Can you tell me how i can get the box to appear again once its disappeared?

do you still have the script tag?

note I’m going blind here wiht suggestions as I have no idea what’s your code like

Just put this : <script src=""></script> at the start of your HTML box and a green menu should appear.

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I didnt use a script tag. I passed the tribute page project, Its just on my next project id like to make sure that the select test suite box stays visible so that I can test each story as I go along my project.

Awesome, got that. Thank you!!