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This past week I have found myself procrastinating from completing the product landing page. Mainly because I don’t have a plan or idea of what I should create the landing page for, and it feels cheap to just copy the TROMBONE idea from the sample page.

I had a similar issue with the survey form, which I gave in and just used the same questions as the sample form, which I haven’t submitted due to thinking I might get an idea and change it up, But a week later and nothing.

For the most part I don’t have a problem recreating designs I’m shown, but the projects asks you to create page that functions similar, so It feels cheap/wrong to recreate the design used in the examples,

I’m not really sure what I’m asking,
maybe its how i can get the ideas for topic /design for the projects
or whether its fine to just recreate the example project

You want to use the idea from the sample? Fine, do that. But there are 100 things within site of you right now that you could use. Your computer? Your monitor? Your mouse? The desk? The chair you’re sitting on? The clock on your wall? I remember at university I had a technical writing class and I had to do an owner’s pamphlet for a binder clip, basically a glorified paper clip. What about fictional things, like Frodo’s sword Sting? A Star Trek phaser? Just pick something at random. Looking around my room I also see a bed, a floor lamp, a book, a fan, a pencil cup, venitian blinds, a collapsible backscratcher, a guitar, a music stand, my car keys, a coffee mug… Any of those would work. I could also make up something, like a magic want that grants wished to unicorns. The subject doesn’t matter, the coding does. Just pick something and do it - don’t use it as an excuse to procrastinate. But if they only way to do it is to use the idea from the example, that’s fine too.

Don’t get trapped in “analysis paralysis”. Sometimes it’s better to take something that is 90% “perfect” rather than paralyze yourself looking for something that is 100%. Don’t let the perfect be the enemy of the good. Especially over something as small and inconsequential as this little toy app that is so basic that it is highly unlikely to end up on your final, “I’m looking for work now” portfolio anyway.

so It feels cheap/wrong to recreate the design used in the examples,

Actually, there is value in trying to recreate others’ designs. It’s called “cloning” and it is a valuable exercise, especially trying to get all the styling exactly the same.

Just don’t worry so much. Just build apps. Learn things and build things. That is your goal right now.


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