Projects & You Tube Series

I decided to make some screencasts so people can come with me as I go through learning coding. They are mostly geared to beginners like me and the content reflects what I have learned through lots of research. There are some Chromebook specific solutions because I do everything on my Acer 11 chromebook.

You Tube Series:
Chromebook Beginner’s
Make a Basic Color Picker in JS
Survey Proj and Progress Css Trick

I figure if Im going to the trouble to make them I should post them up.

ALSO some projects from original and beta free code camp:

Weather Map Proj
Survey Project
Choropleth Proj
Pomodoro Clock

Well there we go. Hopefully, someone gets something out of something in there. Also, i like feedback. Especially criticism. Im just learning all this stuff and if I can do something better I want to do it that way. I want to be able to work in this field in 11 months(gave myself a year to learn). So please don’t hesitate to rip me a new one if you see something.

Happy Code Writing.