Promodoro clock - need help

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my console says accurateInterval not defined. Do I have to add a separate function for this or Am I missing a library?

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Challenge: Build a Pomodoro Clock

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The following is your method. You attempt to call a function named accurateInterval, in which you pass an anonymous function as the first argument and the value 1000 as the second argument. You will need to define an accurateInterval function in order to call it.

  beginCountDown() {
      intervalID: accurateInterval(() => {
       }, 1000)

What is accurateInterval supposed to do?

I missed this at first too. But it’s explained in the comment of the codepen supplied by the challenge:
“Dependencies are React, ReactDOM, and
Accurate_Interval.js by Squuege (external script **
** to keep setInterval() from drifting over time & **
** thus ensuring timer goes off at correct mark)

In the pen settings under JavaScript, you can add the following link:

This defines accurateInterval for you I believe.

Hope that helps!