Proof of Work vs. Proof of Stake?

Hey guys i recently got into programming on the bitcoin blockchain and have been dabbling about, and i’m curious what you guys think about PoW vs PoS the ‘great debate’… Any of you guys out here learning the ropes too?

Despite their differences and use case, which would you say is better, and why?

I’m looking to gather any unanswered questions to ask these influential blockchain figures in their AMA (Kyle Samani from Multicoin & Will Martino from Kadena) who are doing a Town Hall like AMA on the 20th of March (Next Wednesday) on Discord. Especially from those who dabble with code ! **Topic: PoW vs PoS **

Multicoin Capital is a renown VC for their blogs, and I believe Kadena is based off Haskell like Cardano… ex JP morgan guys.

I’ll drop Discord in case anyone’s interested - but back to business. Which and Why!

Discord: kadena. io/discord

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Hey Collin, Marie from the Kadena team here. Thanks so much for posting! Be sure to sign up here if you’re planning on asking questions so we can prioritize yours!