Properly show solr data in php

Hi everyone, after some time tinkering with PHP and Solr I finally am able to output the data I need using the following PHP script:

$core_url = "http://localhost:8983/solr/[corename]/select?q=";

$contents = file_get_contents($core_url.'Keywords:'.$query.'&wt=php&rows=10&start='.$start.'&fl=Journal_title,Publisher,Keywords,Journal_URL,Full_text_formats,Full_text_language,Most_Recent_Article_Added,Number_of_Article_Records'.'');
eval("\$result = " . $contents . ";");
$count = $result["response"]["numFound"];
$numOfPages = ceil($count/10);

	echo "no results found";

for($i=0; $i<sizeof($result["response"]["docs"]) ; $i++){
	echo '<div class="searchresult">';
	foreach($result["response"]["docs"][$i] as $key=>$value){
	echo '</div>';
	echo "<br/>";

function display($k,$x){
	echo $k.": ";
		echo $x;

		echo "<br>";
	else {
		for($i=0; $i<sizeof($x) ; $i++){
			if(sizeof($x)==1 || $i==sizeof($x)-1){
				echo $x[$i];
			else {
				echo $x[$i].' - ';
		echo "<br>";


This gives me the following result on the search page:
[had to remove image, only allowed to upload one, but in short, it just shows all data in an unorganized manner.]

Now my question is, how do I properly display this information on the search page like so:
search end

I truly hope that anyone can help me with this, in case you can send me to a tutorial on how to do so that would be great as well. In case I did not provide enough information, please let me know and I will elaborate on it.

Thanks in advance,