Public profile timeline not showing anything

My public profile is not showing any data in my timeline.

I have it set to public for “my profile” and “my time line” in Privacy Settings. When I open my public profile in a window where I’m not signed into freecodecamp, it says, “No challenges have been completed yet.” However, I have completed some challenges and when I’m signed in, everything shows up.

Have you checked your privacy settings? What do you mean when you say that when you’re signed in “everything shows up”.

Hi! Thanks for replying.

I’m trying share my profile/timeline of completed challenges with a friend who isn’t on freecodecamp and may join. I’m trying to show her how far along–or not–I am because she wants to try to catch-up so we can both work together from the same point.

Yes, as mentioned, “I have it set to public for ‘my profile’ and ‘my time line’ in Privacy Settings.”

I meant that the challenges that I have completed do show up, are visible, in the timeline on my profile only while I’m signed into freecodecamp. When I sign out and try to view my profile, I get a message that says, “No challenges have been completed yet.”

Btw, I do realize that I can just tell her where I’m at in the challenges instead of sending a link to my profile/timeline. That isn’t the problem–it’s just how I found the problem. (And it’s not a big problem. I just don’t understand it and find it odd).

Is it possible that at some point you inadvertently created a second account and you are sharing the link to that account? It shouldn’t matter whether someone is logged in to FCC or not. I see the same for the account you linked whether I’m linked in or not and also see the same thing for my own account whether I’m logged in or not.

I’m visiting the same url, logged in or not, so I don’t think so.

Screen shots of what I see:

Logged in:

Logged out:

I was able to reproduce this on my own account. I fixed it by setting “My certificates” to public in my settings.

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I wonder what went wrong to cause it.

Thank you for figuring this out!