Publishing Articles on FreeCodeCamp

I have seen articles on the freeCodeCamp website and also I receive a nice list of trending articles every Friday from the newsletter. Seeing this and to help the learning community as much as I can, I have decided that I can also write articles, how-to guides and other interesting stuff.

After some web search, I found out that, to be eligible to be a writer, one needs to have a minimum three “proud of” articles, that he or she has written and published elsewhere.
I got disappointed here. Since I don’t have any blog or I’m part of any publishing platform, it seems that I can’t cross the barrier of three articles.

I though can grab a free blogging platform and start publishing things, but it will be very slow and time-consuming, as setting up the website, publishing articles, promoting it on public spaces and then (re)requesting writing permission on freeCodeCamp, will take days…

But with that, it doesn’t mean too, that the Editorial team can give access to a random person requesting permission to publish articles. So, if the Editors wish, I can write three sample articles on some cool topics and share the links here (I mean write -> Export as PDF -> Share link to the document). Based on the quality of the samples, I’m pretty I can get the acceptance from the staff.

I also promise that the articles I write is for pure learning purpose and I won’t promote any material that will serve any personal profit.

A short info about me : I’m an 18 year old from India. I contribute to open-source and Linux related projects in many entry-points. I don’t want to write an entire Wikipedia about me here, cause that would be boring :joy: . But if Editors require, I can send them about my involvement in open source.

Thanks for reading :smile: