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I submitted an article for publication on ‘’ to the email address ‘’. The topic: building an AI algorithm for the Tic Tac Toe challenge. I received a response “This is a good start. Could you import this into Medium then send me a link to it’s ready?”. I send a link and received no reply for over a month and a half. asks that once an article is submitted, to allow it to publish it first. I know that volunteers are really busy, but I really want to publish the article. Please let me know if there is something that can be done.


Maybe tagging some of the editors will help you get their attention…


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Thank you @BenGitter,
@carpben I’m sorry that you were inconvenienced.
@QuincyLarson has been working hard to get the new Editing Team up-to-speed.

Is this your first article with Medium?

I have not seen a submission with from Ben Carp with that title. Since I have just finished the Tic-Tac-Toe challenge, this article would be very interesting for me.

Please re-submit with a note stating that you have been approved and I will look into it when it arrives.

And please be patient. We as a team are trying to make your experience as pleasant as possible. But it’s true, we are volunteers. We are there as time permits.


Thank you @BenGitter and @KoniKodes,

Yes, this is my first article with Medium.
I have just resubmitted the article to ‘’. Please feel free to contact me directly or here.

Great! I’ll look forward to reviewing it.

Hi @KoniKodes I’m piggybacking on this chat thread :slight_smile: I submitted an article to your team and submission email addresses titled “How I designed one of the most successful apps on the blockchain”. Just bringing to your attn. Would love to know if you guys are interested in publishing so I can act accordingly. Cheers

Hi @rolomathias,
I haven’t seen it come in yet, but I’ll keep an eye out for it.
Also, I’ll ask my Senior Editor to pin it for me, so I can be your editor :blush:

It may be a couple of days before you hear back from her, she’s prepping for the Top Contributor awards.
But if you don’t hear from her by the end of the week, let me know.

Meanwhile, I will send her a note too.

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Hi, @KoniKodes I recently submitted an article to ‘’!
The name of the article is ‘How to get started with Competitive Programming in JavaScript

It’s a time-sensitive article, I want it to get published by 20th of this month! After submitting the article I haven’t heard back yet! And don’t know even if it’s going to be published or not!

I would appreciate if you look into it! It’s really important for this article to get published my 20th Jan!

Hi @pbiswas101

I do not see the article in the submissions listing. It may have gone to the wrong address?

Please re-send to

In the body of the email, ask for a Jan 19 publishing date.

I hope this helps.

@KoniKodes Yes I rebsubmitted my article to ‘’ and I think it’s the correct email address as an automatic reply comes back stating that they have received my article! Please look into it! Thank you for your time.

Note: I submitted to and not to

Sometimes the org and com may cross…

If you received an automatic email response, then the team does have your article and is reviewing it. You should hear back from them shortly.

Please remember that we are all recovering from the end of year, holidays and weekends - so it may take a few extra days.

However if you stated in the email your publishing date preference, then that will be taken into consideration as well.

Yes, after mentioning the date yesterday in my email, I got back a reply and they added me as a writer for freecodecamp publication. So, I submitted the draft and hopefully it get published before 20th.

Thank you for your advise! @KoniKodes

This is wonderful news!

I’ll keep my eyes open for it, and hope to be your editor.

Thank you for letting me know.

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Congrats for getting it published so soon!

I enjoyed working with it.

Hi @KoniKodes,

I submitted my article since yesterday morning, to, but so far there’s no auto-reply email coming back to me. The name of the article is ‘How to use facebook messenger to notify the weather alert’.

Could you please kindly have a look into it?

Best Regards,

Hi @ekapope

You should only send one time - the .org email address. That way it doesn’t get lost or seen as a duplicate.

I have not seen it come through as a draft yet.

Are you an author on freeCodeCamp Medium? If so, what is your fcc Medium author name?
If not, it may take a couple of days to get everything set up…

Did you use the phrase “Bananas” in your subject line as Quincy suggested in his article

And now that you’ve read this far, here’s how to submit your story to the freeCodeCamp publication: send an email to submit at freecodecamp org. Include the URL for your story on Medium (preferably an unpublished draft) and the word “bananas” so that we’ll know that you have read all this. Only send one story URL per email. There’s no need to add anything further to your email — we just read the stories and judge them based on their own merits.

Just as most FOSS and freeCodeCamp projects, our editorial platform is manned mainly by a team of volunteers from all over the world. Our days and time zones may differ.

There are also various technically issues that could slow down our response time.

Please be patient, and allow at least 3 business days to hear back from us. Contact me again if you haven’t been contacted by Tuesday afternoon.

Thank you very much for a quick reply. It was my fault for duplicates and missing #bananas in the email subject. I read Quincy’s article couple times and I was worrying since I could not find the email address to submit.

I got the green light to publish and now waited for editing. :slight_smile:

PS: I would recommend to clearly state the email in Quincy’s article.


@ekapope Congratulations on getting the article accepted!

I’ll be looking forward to reading it.

@KoniKodes my article got accepted for publication, but I’m afraid the review time would be longer than the date I would like it published.
Any chance you could help with this?
Thanks in anticipation

Congrats for being accepted.

What is the name of the article? What is the requested pub date?

Please remember that many of our volunteers are not here on weekends - and in some places this Monday will be a holiday.

I’ll do what I can to help.