Pug-sass Starter package

Hi guys! have been some time without reading the forums, I wanted to share with you a gulp package that I’ve been working, not sure if this is the proper forum to share these things.

Content of the package:

Is just a starter folder for working with sass, pug, js, json data and some svg extras.

Sass: The smacss structure using the 7-1 pattern, includes normalize, and some mixins, palettes, and common classes to extend. Files are written taking care of the new built’in modules of dart-sass. I used mostly SASS syntax and scss for maps files.

PUG: contains a very basic starter theme to edit, also some helpfull mixins. Use json files to render texts.

SVG: include a sprite of svg symbols with icons from the noun project, and some mixins in pug and sass to easily add any icon to the site.

And some more prewritten tools, please refer to the readme to know more

We usually do not allow users to promote their work. If you needed help or were asking for feedback and constructive criticism it might be allowed, but that still isn’t guaranteed.

We have to be consistent about it and so we need to remove the link. You might just mention it is on your GitHub and people can look it up (you can link to your GitHub account in your forum profile and that should be fine).

Thank you for understanding.

oh please sorry, didn´t know about this

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No worries. It’s just a rule we have to uphold. If we allow such links authors will use the forum to promote their library/package/whatever and it becomes spam really fast. So we just don’t allow anything that might be seen as promotional.

As I said, if you link to your GitHub on your profile people can find the repo like that. Which I think is fine.

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