Punjab College Survey Project

Hi campers! This is my second Responsive Web Design Survey Projects Survey Form.Please share your feedback :smiley:

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HI @emanzulfiqar !

I think your page looks good.

One suggestion would be to change the placeholder text.

For example:
Instead of type your name you can say Ex.John Doe
Instead of type your mail you can say Ex.john@email.com

Keep up the good work

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@jwilkins.oboe You are saying that i should write name(Eman) instead of writing Type your name…!?

You are showing the format that you want your users to use.

If someone sees this

Ex. John Doe

Then they will know to type in their full name.

Same with the email.


form example

Oh! I understood you now. :grin:

Thank you :innocent: for your advice @jwilkins.oboe .I’m glad you appreciated my work. :hugs:

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