Pupils progress

I’m a teacher, and this website is fantastic. Is there a way of me finding out my pupils’ progress on courses? They’ve been told to log in with their school Google Email address, so it would be domain specific, and I can ask pupils to share a value/variable with me that could identify their progress without having access to their accounts etc. I doubt I’m the first person to ask this! Thanks for a great product that is very welcome in this work/study from home time.

At the end of all the lessons there are projects that they need to code themself.
Say the completed the HTML/CSS course.
The end task would be to build 5 different sites.
Which is a great way to not only test but, to also see them use the skills they have learned and which they can implement there. After completing all 5 they get a certificate.

They can share their link of codepen with you. Which is if you ask me way more valuebly then just completing a couple of lesson. Like I said above it really shows how far they have mastered the course.