Put a ol inside an ul

HTML analyze is saying I can’t put ol in ul. so what can I do?



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Link to the challenge:

Take a look.

I see also at the beginning of your ordered list you have <u> instead of <ul>.

Also you wrote “Grestest” instead of “Greatest”.

i guess underlining my mistakes idk. the more i try the more i fail.

Ok now i tried to center them and the nice even left side got all scrambled.

you can use <center>

example please don’t know what you mean.

Instead of asking for an example you should show what you’ve tried. Otherwise you’re just asking people to write the code for you.

And from the first response by @br3ntor, you don’t have a <ul>

My bad, you created a new pen. You should update the link so people know what to look at.
(The latest pen is https://codepen.io/royal-james-green/pen/wOQEma)

Btw, you’re not failing. Do you not see how your page has improved?

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If you want to compare your solution to others, use the Get a hint button on the challenge and there are alternative solutions you can compare yours to. Also, you can probably search older posts using the forum search feature or google the challenge name and find more there.

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Thank you for understanding.

not trying to spoil anything just doing what I was told to do. search for the answer. But If I need to there tons on youtube.

then what? Cause I don’t see a name.

@clotair posted a working solution. Their comment was deleted.