Put method part 2 no tests pass

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This exercise appears to be almost exactly the same as the previous one, which i was able to pass. However, even after meticulously copying by hand and also with copy/paste from the solution in the hint article (after much frustration) I cannot get any of the tests to pass.

I appear to get an “unexpected end of input” error. which doesn’t make much sense to me

Thanks for your assistance in advance

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Challenge: Run Functional Tests on an API Response using Chai-HTTP IV - PUT method

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The strange thing is, if I try the actual app, I get the correct result for da Verrazzano

I have just copied your code in an editor that does a minimum of validation (jsfiddle) - you have a missing } in tests/2_functional-tests.js, that’s why you get an “unexpected end of input”

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Thanks so much, I don’t know how I missed that red tag!