Put span next to input range element

Hello everyone! I’m having a little problem trying to put a span next to a range element: I can successfully do it if I use form-control class, but not if I use a form-control-range (which I think is semantically more correct in this case).

Fiddle: https://jsfiddle.net/n00bCod3r/hdrj96a8/

As you can see, the two divs are exactly the same except for that class. I could use the first solution (form-control) since it works but I’d like to understand why the second one doesn’t work: any ideas?

Thanks in advance!

The classes .form-inline and .form-control are display: inline-block

The classes .form-control-file and .form-control-range are display: block and has width: 100%. You can overwrite it if you want.

Thanks, tomorrow I’ll try to overwrite those attributes. Meanwhile, can I ask you where did you find these pieces of information? I read the form page on Bootstrap website but I couldn’t figure out which attributes were applied to which classes…

Using the browser dev tools. I just looked at the CSS being applied to the classes.