Putting elements underneath each other

i am having trouble with the layout. How would I put the elements underneath each and not in a row as its currently set. Should I wrap each element in a <p> tag or a<div>? What is the correct way of doing it?


So a div or p tag would work as they are both block level i believe. However from a semantic perspective, i would wrap everything in a div tag and they should sit on top of each other as i believe you are trying to figure out.

Hope this helps! let me know if i can clarify for you!

ok but I have already wrapped the whole form in a div.

@disai Thats ok, you can nest multiple divs inside one another. It is quite common to use multiple divs nested inside of one another

You can nest several div tags next to each other try a <br> tag in between to nest them underneath one and other.