Puupa's Weather App

I just finished my Local Weather App. It’s hosted on Heroku and the code is on Github.
I used create-react-app and the OpenWeatherMap API.

It’s build as a progressive web app, so if you save it to and open it from the homescreen of your mobile phone, it should look like a native app. I only tested it on my Samsung and would love to hear how it looks ok on other mobile phones.

Thanks in advance for reviewing

Your app has a major bug. When I first load the app using my pc desktop (latest version of Chrome), I see the following (see screenshot) while the geolocation requests access to my lat/lon. Once I say OK, then it shows my location’s weather. However, if I just refresh the page, I get the same view as shown in the screenshot again. A few times when I refreshed the page, I would see my location’s weather 45 to 60 seconds later.

Thank you for the feedback. I think I know what’s going wrong. I’ll try to fix it.