PWA created in one day

Hey guys, I’ve just finished creating another pretty basic progressive web app (PWA), using Ionic React and Vercel/Zeit Now + Github for the deployment and hosting part . You can check it out in the link below: (Please access it on you mobile phone)

The idea came up after @DanAmbitious and I were trying to solve his problem with the card counter exercise, and he ended up with the question:

What programs can someone make with this?

Well, the link above speaks for itself. If you use your creativity with a pinch of imagination, you can make a lot of things. Some eventually will be good and useful, and some will be useless crap like my card counter. But that’s okay too. The goal is to keep practicing.
I also have another PWA published on the same platform, if you want to have a quick look at it:

P.S: As they both are PWA written in Ionic React, you should access it on your mobile phones. For those who don’t know the difference between a native app and a progressive web app, take a minute to check them out:
If you have an android phone:

  • Open your browser (Chrome etc…) and type the card counter link or the bmi calculator from above
  • Then go to the top-right menu
  • Click on “Add to Home screen”

After that you will see an icon on your phone’s home screen as if it were just another installed app. Progressive Web Apps don’t need to be installed like a native app does. I think that’s the biggest difference. You can later remove that icon from you home screen of course hahaha

Thanks everyone and have fun coding!

@krauss Nice that you were able to create this in one day.
I think that you should add instructions on how to use the application.
In mobile view the buttons are getting cut off.

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Hello @discobot start new user

Hey @brandon_wallace, thanks for the feedback mate. I appreciate it. As I said before, I just did that to show someone what we can do when we use a bit of creativity and imagination. This app came out of one the JavaScript exercises that asked students to just create a function to counting cards for the blackjack game. As horrible as it may look, that’s all what it is, a random exercise turned into an app hahaha.