Pyinstaller bootloader?


So this isn’t about a basic how to use it…I have used it ok but recently I have been getting an error when compiling about “win32ctypes\pywin32\” possibly containing a virus.

I googled around and apparently this is because a small number of script kiddies have tried making malware with pysintaller and now Windows just assumes anything made with the default pyinstaller bootloader “could” be a virus and so marks it as such :confused:

Apparently I can just build my own bootloader to possibly get around the issue.

Problem is, while I understand the concept of a bootloader from a system hardware point of view, I have no idea when it comes to software. I assume its instructions that loads the application into memory perhaps?

I found instructions at pyinstaller dot org (I’m not allowed to post a link)

but I am not clear what exactly it is I am building or what to do with it? Will it output some kind of file of directory of files that I will have to copy and replace somewhere on my system?

thanks in advance!

To resolve the issue, build a custom bootloader using PyInstaller instructions, then replace it in your system.

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