PYTHON 3 Want to lear as a beginner

Hi Friends,

In FreeCodeCamp website there is any provision to learn PYTHON 3, with interactive learning session like below course mentioned in In FreeCodeCamp website
Responsive Web Design Certification.
JavaScript Algorithms and Data Structures Certification.
Front End Libraries Certification.
Data Visualization Certification.
APIs and Microservices Certification.

I want to learn PYTHON 3 from basic in an Interactive web session, like 3 sections want to be there Learning material, Programming section & Output Section.

Like this in Freecodecamp for PYTHON 3 learning is there, please help me for best beginner leaning PYTHON 3.

There will eventually be Python material in freeCodeCamp, but it doesn’t exist yet. If you use the forum search you will find several threads in this forum where people talk about the pros and cons of other free learning resources that cover Python.

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Is, there is interactive PYTHON learning session in FreeCodeCamp website. I does’t want just a learning material in PDF form, i am asking about Interactive learning session, like Codecademy website, is there is Freecodecamp has Python interactive learning…

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