Python advice please

i want to start programming and in 13 now and ive already started on here and was just wondering, if i master python, what should be my next programming language?

It’s really hard to say. I think you should decide based on what you want to do and which language is capable of doing exactly that. For example, if wanted to go into web development, JavaScript would be a good language to start next or if I wanted to make some mods in Terraria, video games, C# would be my next target.

That being said, since python is an interpreted language and dynamically typed language, it might be good for you to experience a language which is compiled and statically typed. So that you roughly have a good exposure to both sides of the coin (all sides of the polygon?).
So, I would suggest, Either try C++ or Java. If you are feeling extra confident, get into C. Every programmer I know IRL has done C at some point. Then going from C to C++, Java is the usual progression. You could test drive for a few weeks and then decide.

Also, as far as mastering a language, I feel that it’s a long journey with no end. Cheers!

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@jamesfarted09 It is hard to say. Depends on what you want to do. @thirty_two had some good suggestions. I say it does but doesn’t matter what language you pick next. It does matter because I don’t you to do web dev in c# but I don’t want you doing game dev in JS in the browser. Just depends on what you want to do. That being said. I would say mastering python isn’t very realistic. There is so much to learn in a language that it is impossible to master any language. Whatever you choose as your next language, happy coding! :smile:

I’d recommend you to study data structures, algorithms and general software development techniques first before studying another language.