Python Beginner Books

Hello everyone, I recently read this great Python book for beginners. If you are learning how to program, then I highly recommend this book. Please check it out! If you guys have more suggestions please add them to this thread. Also, I failed my first programming course in college, and I know it is challenging to learn to code, but you need to check this book out. Best of luck everyone :smile:


I believe it’s also free if you read it online…very good book yes.


@tadejdanev Thank you very much for the links :+1:

This book allowed me to do a very minor project at my previous job and showed me how powerful (and fun!) Python could be:

A byte of Python -

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Thanks for sharing this Roming but as far as books are consider I prefer learning online at my own pase. I received a lot of suggestion form my friends hence stated learning here - Unity Machine Learning with Python! and I i am loving it so far … Hope you have check too !! Thanks for sharing the book.

I really liked the book:

Think Python - Allen Downey

His examples include fractals, but he explains it so easily that it’s fun to do :slight_smile:. There is something about executing code that produces a fractal that just is delightful!

Hi @RomingArt, You have listed a massive list of python book, Here I am going to list a few more you can check this Post