Python beginner

Can learn python with freecodecamp online and acquire certifications? I checked my account and I did not see where I could start learning python…I want to be a python programmer

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Not yet, but sometime in 2020 you can expect to see such a certification.


Just adding interest in this topic. =P (& so I can be notified if there are any updates)

you can learn Python, just in 2 days but the problem you will face is to solve problems, so you have to change the question from “i want to learn python?” to “i want to learn solving problems like a god?”, if you learned to solve problems, you can use any other programming language in the world like (c/c++, java, ruby, go, rust, …). “the programming language is not the problem, you are the problem”.

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How do i learn to solve problems using python?

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Agreed about learning to solve problems first. If you want to learn to solve problems with Python, I would say one of the better ways to learn python is starting with the basic courses on YouTube from freeCodeCamp (

Remember that solving problems is less about the language and its constructs, and more about training your brain to think about large problems in small bits. Breaking it down to If statements and Loops. Then learning how to take those simple constructs and use Arrays, Dictionaries, String Manipulation, and some basic solving techniques.

I found using books like “Think like a Programmer” and “Computer Science Basics” to be super helpful, but I was also comfortable with C++ style coding. Something like “Serious Python” might be more up your ally for a book. Best of luck and keep learning!


first, you should know what is algorithm, Algorithm is a step-by-step procedure, which defines a set of instructions to be executed in a certain order to get the desired output.
2. so now start understanding the basic algorithms and data-structures like sorting, binary search, stack/queue, linked lists, … check this link.
3. go to coding challenge sites, i suggest to start with hackerrank and start solving easy problems with your favorite language, if you stuck after a long time of trying in some challenge just type the name of challenge in your favorite search engine and you will find the answer.
4. when you feel that you’re ready for serious problems, just press the hard button. but you have to be careful, some problems are requiring deep math understanding. so calculus will save you.
5. after all of these steps i gave you, i think you’re ready for solving basic problems. but you can’t solve statistics problems or Machine Learning, … .
6. if you are interested to go deeper, learn statistics, AI, data science, machine learning in general. after go to and solve real world problems to get experience and also for getting money.

i started these steps 5 years ago, now i’m almost finishing step 6 and remember “You really cannot master absolutely anything in the world. All you can do is be good at it”.


Mostly people are learning python as they want to switch their filed to machine learning.If that is the case for you, luckily you don’t need to learn all of the Python, as a beginner you need to master the basics and some related topics.You can go for courses later, first I suggest you go through some basic tutorials.

  1. Python From scratch by GreatLearning
  2. Python by tutorialspoint
    The first tutorial is well structured while tutorialspoint’s article contains a lot of text for you to read.