Python Budget App- trouble with the chart


I am doing the budget app in the python course. It passed every test besides the 11th one, creating the chart.
For example, with the default data, the output supposes to be: food at 60, clothing at 20 and auto at 10. But my code output is food at 70, clothing at 10 and auto at 0

Here is my replit - boilerplate-budget-app - Replit

Would appreciate any help

Yes, i also used the test and it also showed the wrong output

See this difference checker to see what is expected vs. what yours is returning (uncommenting out your commented code) and deleting the new part you added at the bottom. You have extra spaces on the lines representing the percentages and an extra line character at the end.

so it means that I have an extra space? or is it I need to add another space at the end of each row

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