Python - Budget App

Hey Everyone !
I finished my code but I have an output fail in create_spend_chart()
and I don’t know what is the reason .
replit : - boilerplate-budget-app - Replit

You have a few different issues going on with your code.

  1. The code you use to create the different percentages for the chart is a mess to look at.

  2. You are not correctly calculating the percentages. For example, your get_categories_percent function is not returning the correct values to create the chart. For the test case the validates your test_create_spend_chart works properly, your get_categories_percent function is returning [10.0, 20.0, 10.0] instead of the correct list [0.0, 70.0, 20.0]

  3. You are missing spaces at the end of each line on many of the lines for the spending chart.

1.Sorry , I didn’t have any other idea to do the chart .
2.Until Now , I don’t understand what to calculate exactly maybe because of my English .
3.How can I know if there is spaces or not ?

so that means i need to divide (spent on this category ) / (spent on all categories) ? sorry my english is bad .

Thanks , I will rewrite my code :heart:

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