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I put a print command inside my get_picture methods for the polygon_area-calculator challenge, and cannot figure out why the leading … appear before the “in get_picture_Rectangle” and “in get_picture_Square” strings.
Can someone explain why they appear? The console printout is shown below:

Rectangle(width=3, height=10)
.in get_picture_Rectangle
line is 3
row is 51
Too big for picture. get_picture_Rectangle
line is 3
row is 7 get_picture_Square
line is 2
row is 2
Ran 15 tests in 0.002s


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Challenge: Polygon Area Calculator

Link to the challenge:

It would help to see your code. I suspect you aren’t supposed to use print.

Those are the results of the assertion-tests: a “.” meanst the test is passed, otherwise you’d get an “F”.
They add up to 15, just like it says at the end “Ran 15 tests” and you get an “OK” because no failures appeared.

Thank you for clearing that up! It bugs me when I don’t know what something means.

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