Python exist status 137

Hi Guys,

I encountered exit status 137 in
I am planning to test my code in jupyter notebook and transfer them to
Is it possible to do so?
I would appreciate your guidance on the process I cannot run the csv file in jupyter notebook.

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Challenge: Demographic Data Analyzer

Link to the challenge:

I’ve played a bit with the code, seems one of the lines is causing occurrence of the error. Try to change/simplify it. Small hint - try to use already defined higher_education in a more direct way.

line 26

higher_education_rich = (higher_education & df['salary'] > "50k")['salary'].count().sum() / df['education'].count().sum() 

I have simplify the code but I still get the same exit status 137.
Do you know the way to transfer the file to jupyter notebook and test the code there?

Take a closer look at this part:

(higher_education & df['salary'] > "50k")

Notice condition for the salary is checked against whole df, while interesting results are just among those in the higher_education part of df.

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