Python for Everybody - Python Functions

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i did not understand the return value, loop ,for loops

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Python for Everybody - Python Functions

Hi there and welcome to our community!

The lesson which you linked to doesn’t yet cover loops, as it’s only a very basic introduction to the concept of functions in Python.

If you follow the next handful of lessons, this will be covered in more depth and you should start to gain a better understanding.

If there is some specific example of code or concept which you are struggling to understand though, please do share it with us and we can try to explain it for you.

Generally speaking I would not rely on just one source of information to learn from, but use a collection of resources together to get a better picture.

For example if you don’t understand for loops and want a better understanding you can do a search for “python for loop” and find a few different explanations. You probably will not understand every topic on the very first introduction and a variety of explanations will put it together.

There will be a lot of searching and reading like this in the beginning, but eventually things will become more familiar and new concepts will be easier because you will build on what you’ve learned.

That said, for this lesson, if you are able to answer the question at the bottom you can probably just answer it and move on for now.