Python JSON API looping

Hi all, I am new to python, and have gone over and understood about interpreting and parsing JSON in python, However I have the below link with the JSON file which has the date as the KEY and the number of cases as the VALUE, which I am having a problem deciphering. Is it just me, or is the JSON file not layed out correctly. I have taught myself that JSON has key value pairs setup. However below the Keys are in one list, and the values is in another list in the JSOn array, Please point me in the correct direction, I was expecting the below to show this together as key value pairs - with date: number of cases.

Link to JSON file

This is valid JSON.

Keys are always single values that identify the entry, but the values can be single values, arrays, objects etc.

If the data you want requires something from arrays tied to different keys, they are most likely ordered in a way that matches. E.g. the fifth item in each array probably correlate with each other (probably ordered by date, given the data set).

You will likely want to look at how you work with arrays and objects to pull the data you need meaningfully.

Hope this helps.