Python Learning Buddy

I have just started lerning Python (4 days) and would like to buddy with another person who has just stated to learn python

Welcome to the forum.
I guess you have a typo in your topic’s name)(or not? this ‘bubby’ word ive never encountered it :upside_down_face:)

Buddy is a term used when learning together

I knew about buddy.
Didn’t know about bubby)

Thanks for pointing out the typo. I will correct.

If you have some code written by you,
and you have questions like:
‘why is it broken’
or even
‘how/why is it working’
You can create a thread and ask question about your code there.
People who can help or interested in what you are doing may answer you.

Thats good to know :+1:

hey i started learning it too and would like to team up with someone to learn it faster and have someone to work with.

I have only been leaning Python for 4 days via Udemy 2022 Complete Python Bootcamp From Zero to Hero in Python course. How are you learning Python?

BTW I have no coding experience.

same here. no real previous experience. i started with python crashcourse and watching videos on the side.

How may days/hours have you been learning Python

i have been learning it for about a week

Hello, I have also been learning Python 3 for a few days. Everyday I do one exercise from a book, and then upload it to GitHub.

What book are you using?

I’m using “Learn Python 3 The Hard Way”. I have other books, like “Automate Boring Stuff with Python” and " Object-Oriented Python: Master OOP by Building Games and GUIs", that I will read next.

Hey everybody! I’m learning Python too, started a couple of weeks ago. So let’s do it together guys :muscle:

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anybody wants to take the lead to create a whatsapp group or email chain or something to create a small group?


I’m a student learning Python 3 for my IGCSE’s. Perhaps we could make a zoom, WhatsApp or email chain to collaborate? It would be nice to work with someone else learning the language.

Hi guys I’d really like to join you