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Hi Everyone

Sorry to ask such a vague question, but I thought it was worth a shot.

What I would dearly like is a little nudge in the right direction for the following. I have a developer key for the collins dictionary api (API - Collins Dictionary) and there is a python library they provide to help you access it (DPS PitchLeads API Client Libraries - Downloads). The problem is I don’t understand how to use it. I expected to add the base url and access key as variables to one the scripts and then call the functions, but the sys.arg bit has stumped me.

I would be happy to ignore this library and just make GET requests to the api, but again there is no info on how to form the request i.e. where to add the access key.

Apologies, if this is too vague / dim, but I have learnt that rather than spend hours banging my head against a brick wall it is better to ask.

Kind regards


They have an example on there website. If you need help I can try to help give a skeleton of stuff you can flesh out.

Hi there, thanks v much for your reply.

So in that example do I just replace the baseurl and accesskey with the relevant info?

Eg baseurl =collinsdctionary…com /
AccessKey=djnsks3849_82(not the actual key)

Many thanks


you need to add string around it

baseurl = 'collinsdctionary…com /'

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