Python streamlit app, ffmpeg error

If you use a YT media downloading app then it downloads the YT media without asking for ffmpeg. I am making a python streamlit app using yt-dlp and when I click on download button then it shows that *ffmpeg *is not installed and the other YT media downloading websites don’t ask for any software, they just want us to paste the YT link and then selection the resolution without any need of installing ffmpeg. How to make setreamlit apps like these websites?

python version: 3.12.3

These libraries I have imported in my code:
import os
import streamlit as st
import yt_dlp
from pathlib import Path
import shutil

I want to know that what to do if I host my app then it should work like other YT media downloading websites, how to solve this ffmpeg problem.

You should check the yt-dlp github discussions and issues.