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Learner is instructed to not import any library. I do not agree for this assessment to be made without any single module not even regex. It will be bunch of lines which could be resumed in few lines. start and duration should be correctly and cleanly split. Actually I was able to add time using regex and numpy like the following.

PS: recently I successfully finished Google IT Automation with Python Professional Certificate and when the learner must do pure python assessment, it should not be such insane one like this time calculator.

I quit this assessment. Regards.

import re

import numpy as np

def add_time(time, duration):


    elems1 = re.split(r"\s", time)

    elems2 = re.split(r":", elems1[0])


    elems3 = re.split(r":", duration)

    remainder_from_minutes = int(np.floor((int(elems2[1]) + int(elems3[1]))/60))

    resH = (int(elems2[0]) + int(elems3[0]))%24 + remainder_from_minutes

    resM = (int(elems2[1]) + int(elems3[1]))%60

    am_or_pm = elems2[2] if int(resH/12)%2==0 else chr(145-ord(elems2[2][0])) + "M"

    return str(resH).rjust(2,"0") + ":" + str(resM).rjust(2,"0") + " " + str(am_or_pm)

print(add_time("3:50 AM", "8:05"))

print(add_time("3:20 PM", "8:50"))


11:55 AM
12:10 AM

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Challenge: Time Calculator

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The prompt says ‘no Python libraries’. The intention is for you to accomplish this in ‘pure’ Python.

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Its not that difficult if you give it a little bit of thought. Awesome way to practice pure python! Keep it up!

My solution in pure python: