Python Turtle - How to get turtlesize in python turtle in pixels?!


Anybody knows how to get turtlesize in python turtle in pixels?

The function turtlesize() takes in 3 parameters but they aren’t in pixels at all. So that doesn’t really work.

The documentation I use:

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P.S: If you want more info. that I didn’t think about putting, tell me :slight_smile:.

I’m not familiar with this module, but it looks like it’s not based around pixels. I think you need shapesize() and will have to convert to pixels yourself.

It might also depend on the shape being used.

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Hey! I think it is vector based. I switched to PyGame althought I liked turtle a bit (for the challenge at least). shapesize() and turtlesize() are both vect. based I believe.

To be honest, I don’t not know what to do to convert that to pixels. I don’t know if we have given data to do that ourselves.


I think all shapes are 20 pixels