Q re. Front End Development Libraries

Re course in title (300 hrs certification), does anyone know if we could do the react first (/alone)? (b4 the others)
or perhaps react and redux?

you can do how you prefer there, if you don’t want the other sections, do only React (or React and Redux)

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wat about the first 2 python courses (not including the machine learning one), do i need the others first, like data visualization and the node stuff?
(i suspect i want node anyway but maybe later)

those courses you have mentioned are still on JavaScript

the curriculum is planned to be completed in order, but you can jump around as you prefer

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just a case of see how you get on i suppose.

while your here i have a cheeky extra question: why are we calling functions for strings instead of declaring global constants for strings? (functional programming)

Bear in mind that it’s an extremely contrived example (though the principle is exactly the same in practice):

This isn’t just a functional programming thing. It’s important with functional programming because, as the name suggests, it’s programming primarily with functions. But not using globals, that’s a rule of thumb that applies equally to OO programming or whatever.

In this case, if you have some logic (in this case you want to print a string), then shove it in a function. Then call that function. Nothing is mutated, whenever you call the function you get a brand new value. It’s extremely easy to track what’s happening: if something fails, it will fail (generally) at the point the function is called. You can swap out how the function works, you can alter the logic inside it, and so on and so forth.

If you use globals, you often get problems. You have some magic values that may get mutated. You can be careful and only use static values, but that’s often not viable. Functions (or, eg, classes, it’s not just functional programming) are generally always better. They give you control.

They’re fine for small programs (eg contained in a single small file), but most software isn’t that. And then you end up with lots of values hidden in other files.

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