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I built all the tests and logic for the API but when submit it about 4 of FCC’s tests fail. I test them manually with Insomnia to see where the fault lies but they all respond how the tests expect them to and get the desired results. I cant fix what I don’t know is broken so I am on the forum to see if someone here might have a solution or come across this before while they were on this project. Any advice would be appreciated. Right now I feel like I am just stuck in a formatting issue or something with how these tests are turning out.
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Ok, I figured it out. For anyone else that might encounter this problem be sure to test the HTTP status code correctly. They have to be 200 to pass. I was completely stumped until I remembered I should test FCC’s project I was trying to reverse engineer to begin with lol. Whenever given bad input from the user it would still return a 200 with the strings it was testing for but I was returning 400’s. Hope this helps someone in the future.

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